Insulated Packaging

Drychill Store offers a wide range of Insulated Packaging options to maintain elevated temperatures of the products during delivery and shipping. Be it shipping your chocolates and cheese via Courier or Australia post or you are delivering your Meal kits, Fresh Produce, meat and seafood to your customers and not having to worry about the temperature of the products when it sits on your customer’s doorstep for hours.

Thermal Foil Insulated Temp Shield Mailers and Liners –  Dry chill offer 3 Standard sizes Thermal foil Insulated Mailers that are a bond of Foil and Nylon Barrier Grade Bubble that is then made into an envelope to contain the cold energy within the mailer and the reflective outer material that reflects the radiant heat. These Mailers are also custom made to suit your requirement and these liners can also be custom made to suit your boxes, either line the inside of your boxes or made so the boxes can be packed in a mailer. These work great when used in combination with an ice pack.

Ecosafe Temp Guard Mailers and Liners are a great environmentally friendly curbside recyclable Insulated Packaging made from 80% recycled Paper Cellulose that has a high thermal resistance and works great to keep your products chilled. The Ecosafe Liners come in various stock standard sizes and are also available as Mailers that you can easily pack your products and ship away.

Insulated Carton Shippers are a great convenient minimum reuse option that is made from 3 layers of insulation material and come as a Flatpack thereby a great replacement for Styrofoam boxes, These are not only easy to store and ship thanks to the flat-pack design they are also cost-effective and ideal for reverse logistics to reuse again and again. The Insulated cartons are made to order based on your requirement and easy to set up and ship away.

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