Insulated Carton Shipper – Cold chain

Cryolux Insulated Carton Shippers are perfect one-way disposable and cost-effective shippers that can reduce the heat radiation drastically compared to a regular carton. These are ideal for Shipping Perishables efficiently. These cartons are custom made and can be made to order based on your requirement. The Patent Pending Insulated Cartons are Made from 3 Layers of Insulation, the outer layer to shield the contents from the external heat besides providing added protection, The Inner layer to retain the cold energy within the Carton.



Worlds First Ready to Use Insulated Carton Shipper – Cold chain

Dry ice compatible !! Replaces Styrofoam and PUR Shippers

Multi-Layer Bond of over 7 Layers of Materials for High Thermal Resistance

Flat Pack – Easy to Store and Set up.

Cost-Effective to Store and Freight.

No Need for Insulation Liners, Set up and Ship.

Custom Made to suit specific requirements.


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