Insulated Cartons

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  • Eco Safe Insulated Mailer Bag – Cold Chain Grade Recyclable Packaging

  • Insulated Carton Liners – Non Wool Recyclable Cool Chain Temp Packaging Guard-Small

  • Insulated Carton Shipper – Cold chain

    Cryolux Insulated Carton Shippers are perfect one-way disposable and cost-effective shippers that can reduce the heat radiation drastically compared to a regular carton. These are ideal for Shipping Perishables efficiently. These cartons are custom made and can be made to order based on your requirement. The Patent Pending Insulated Cartons are Made from 3 Layers of Insulation, the outer layer to shield the contents from the external heat besides providing added protection, The Inner layer to retain the cold energy within the Carton.

  • VIP Shippers -Vacuum Insulated Panel Ice box Shippers

    Cryolux Australia offers a Range of High Thermal Resistance Vacuum Insulated Panel Cold Chain Shippers that are customised to client requirement. Vaccum Insulation has by far the best insulation technology compared to Polyurethane and any other coolers in the Market. The R Values of Polyurethane usually vary between R4 to R6.5 whilst Vaccum Panels can range anywhere between R25 to R36 based on the thickness. These Vacuum Panel Shippers are ideal for transporting Medical specimens and other temperature sensitive products.Although the price of these VIP shippers can be quiet high compared to Polyurethane shippers, they tend to be a reliable insulating medium thereby guaranteeing the best Thermal Performance.