Dry Chill Packaging Store has a complete range of Refrigerants that is required for shipping products in Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen State. The Products are made from FDA approved products that are Food Safe and approved for food contact. Dry chill offer

Dry ice packs that cost-effective dehydrated synthetic refrigerants that are activated on-demand by soaking underwater for a few minutes before freezing. The Dry ice packs are made in both Reusable and Disposable Models. These Dry ice packs can be cut to size and flexible when frozen. Thanks to this innovative technology the Dry ice packs are easy to store and freight.

Fill & Freeze Ice packs are yet another Activate on-demand product that can be easily filled under the tap and it fills and seals itself once it’s full. Apart from the convenience of a cost-effective ice pack alternative, these are easy to store and hugely popular among restaurants cafe’s kitchens, and pharmacies that have a tight operating space. These ice packs are made in a Reusable Cryoblock model and a Sweatproof model that is ideal for shipping confectionaries including Chocolates, Cheese, Hampers, etc thereby not leaving water behind from condensation.

Drychill 2000 Bubble Back Ice packs are an innovative range of gel packs that are predominantly used for pharmaceutical applications and these FDA approved Ice packs come in 500grams and 1kg options with a Bubble Layer on one side to prevent the ice pack from leaving a cold burn on the product. The layer of bubble acts as a Freeze barrier thus being ideal for use with Temperature Sensitive products.

Dry Chill 2000 Plain Ice packs are Australia’s favourite icepack that you see used by thousands of companies. These High-quality ice packs are Food contact approved and are manufactured in 250g, 500g and 1000g models and come ready to use. The downside of these ice packs is that they are bulky to freight and store but they are convenient to use and are great for all Cold Chain shipping and deliveries.

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