Insulated Shipping Container Liners

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    Insulated Thermal Liners for Sea Cargo Shipping Containers for 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC

    Protect your Cargo from Temperature spikes and exposure to extreme conditions

    Sea cargo shipping containers are usually made out of steel and exposed to some of the harshest weather conditions meaning the temperature inside the containers can get up to 70°C, almost good enough to cook your products! The problem with modern shipping containers is the lack of temperature regulation, without the use of reefers. The Cryolux insulated liners for sea shipping containers they are only 8mm thick and equivalent to 50mm of polystyrene foam insulation. These one-piece liners fold flat and are easy to store and ship and more importantly they are easy to install. These cost-effective shipping container insulation liners save freight costs and reduce damaged goods and ensure the goods are delivered in a controlled environment. These are ideal to ship wine, beverages, electronics including computers, food, and perishables, pharmaceutical products, paints and chemicals.