Foil Insulated Bubble Wrap Mailer Bags- 240 mm x 330 mm


These Australian Made Insulated Bubble Wrap Mailer Bags are Customised Nylon Barrier Cold Chain Mailers that have Superior Thermal properties. The Aluminum Foil Bubble Wrap makes them a perfect temp shield by reflecting most of the heat and the bubble wrap giving further insulation to store & transport specimens at elevated temperatures & reduce any cold chain breaches due to temperature spikes. These Tamper Resistant Insulated Mailer bags are fully sealable and allow you to reduce the bag size to the size of the specimen thereby avoiding any extra air space thereby increasing the thermal performance & reducing freight on the cubic size of the Mailer. These Insulated Bubble wrap mailers are ideal when used in combination with Frozen Phase change gel bricks or ice packs. Cryolux can customize these Mailer bags to suit your application, Be it shipping temperature-sensitive Pharmaceutical specimens or box liners that can easily be used as an Extra Insulation liner for your cartons.



– Nylon Barrier Aluminum Foil Insulation is the Best Temp Shield

– 150  Insulated Mailer Bags Per Carton

– Bubble Wrap for Extra Protection & Insulation

– Fully Sealable Tamper Resistant Mailers

– Thin, Flexible, Light Weight & Easy to Freight

– Customized Sizes, Disposable & Cost-Effective

– Ideal for Short Duration Transport- Can Be Extended with the use of Ice packs