Instant ice packs


Instant Ice packs

  • Ideal for First Aid Kits
  • Activated on Demand
  • Chill times up to 30 minutes

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Instant Ice Packs, First Aid Ice Packs, Sports Injury Cold Compress

Instant ice packs as the name suggests are ice packs on demand. Ideally used for a cold compress, these instant cold packs are normally at room temperature and cool down rapidly when activated. The instant cold compress cools down an endothermic reaction, resulting in the release of cold energy. Although these instant ice packs are not as efficient as the normal gel packs, they are able to stay cool for over 30 minutes. These instant ice packs are predominantly used in cases of any sports injuries and are commonly found in first aid kits. The instant ice pack can be used repeatedly by simply freezing the ice pack again. For a cold compress, it is recommended that you apply to the affected area only for a maximum of 20 minutes. The length of time the ice pack remains cold is dependent on the ambient temperature. The instant ice packs are popular simply because they are safe and easy to use and there is no refrigeration required and they are easy to dispose of. These instant ice packs are popular among hospitals and clinics for post-surgery and post-treatment including injectables, school, and sports clubs since they are incredibly effective for bumps, bruises, headaches, migraines, body aches, soreness and pains.


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