Cryolux Muti Use Temperature loggers Bluetooth Data Logger Monitoring

Cryolux Temp TRlP’s job ls to make your job easier. We leverage the latest technologies to provide cost-effective flexible temperature monitoring that’s easy to implement and simple to use.

Some of the Key Design Features of Cryolux Temp Trip are

  • Designed from the ground up as a cloud-based system
  • Temperature loggers are low cost and reusable
  • Wireless Loggers communicate with readers and tablets
  • Readers send data directly to the Internet via Ethernet or cell
Loggers are easily tied to any related data
  • Results are viewable from anywhere

At Cryolux We are Making Data Useful. Random Data not linked to anything meaningful is largely worthless. If your temperature records related data ( e.g. the vendor, carrier, product type, date/time )  you’re back to physically interacting with each individual shipment ( or relying on the shipper to hand-write information on each logger). Cryolux Temptrip data loggers have a series of features that help eliminate these outdated practices.

Five Ways Cryolux Temp trip Data loggers Makes Temperature Data Records Useful:

  • Supplier Origins are known in advance
  • Arrival times are determined automatically at receiving.
  • Integrate temperature data to your WMS, TMS or ERP
  • Cryolux Temptrip Data connect App lets you assign data to any tag
  • Cryolux Temptrip Flexible online reporting shows targeted results

Cryolux Temptrip Data loggers, temperature loggers or tags have evolved over ten years from three types of RFID, to the latest Bluetooth low energy ( BLE ) Technology. BLE allows the reading of tags hundreds of feet away as well as through walls trailers containers cartons and coolers. The Tags can be placed outside of the pallet like traditional loggers or inside the trailers, containers, or to warehouse store shelves

 12 Key Features of the Cryolux Temp Trip Data loggers that make us stand out.

  • Read Distance unto 100 meters
  • Read Write and instantly reusable
  • Definable intervals from one second to one day
  • Continuous Logging Tag doesn’t need to be started
  • Can hold 12000 temperatures between reads
  • Multi-year Battery life alkaline or lithium options
  • Rugged watertight enclosures
  • Barcodes for data collections
  • LED indicators show logger status
  • Available with or without mounting Tabs
  • Optional Light detection

Cryolux Temp Trips Bluetooth loggers are ready by Edge Readers, Android tablets and phones.

Edge Readers are connected directly to the internet via power over ethernet(POE), WIFI or Cell. These Environmentally tough, Low maintenance readers are typically placed out of the way high on facility walls or in ceilings. Tablet Readers give users a more portable way to read in tags. They also have a PoE model that can be mounted in facilities. Cellular equipped tablets are used in truck cabs to read the trailers’ tags and send the data to the internet in real-time.

  • Additional Benefits of Cryolux Temp Trip Dataloggers
  • Tablets allow for portable tag reading and viewing of results
  • Tablets also can be mounted on Truck cabs to read trailer tags
  • Edge readers typically mounted in warehouses or guard gates
  • Both send data directly to Temptrip internet site
  • Edge readers and tablets both come in PoE models
  • One Edge reader typically covers 50000 Sqft

Unlike companies that just store data in the cloud. Cryolux Temptrip takes full advantage of cloud-based systems. Temperature plans are a good example. Users can store as many temperature plans as they like and apply them to shipments as needed. When a temperature logger is read, the temperature results go directly to the internet where the correct plan is applied. Plans allow for many temperature ranges or rules as needed along with the maximum time products can be in each range. The Result is a single score representing cumulative exposures for a product. Plans can also have multiple parameters or groups applied simultaneously for different use cases. Cryolux Temptrip data loggers  will consult with your experts to configure validate and refine your algorithm your needs, helping prevent both false-negative positive negative alerts

Some Benefits of Subscribing for Cryolux temperature plans

  • Custom, Unlimited plans are stored in the cloud
  • Apply instantly or update for future analysis
  • As detailed or as simple as required
  • Rules can match pathogen criterion
  • Based on Multiple parameters example safety and quality

Temperature Monitoring Models

In Transit

This is the most common use case: The receiver of a shipment requires that a supplier place a temperature monitor on a load. Temp trips loggers are placed on the product ( or even inside a carton) and can follow the product through the entire trip.


This is where companies have control of a process from beginning to end and can retrieve loggers, reuse them, and keep their monitoring costs extremely low. Cryolux Temptrip loggers provide a simple flexible economical way to continually monitor perishables on the move. Use Cases include home delivery, Foodservice Trucks, or any supplier with their own fleet of trucks and can include interfaces to ELD systems.

Facilities Monitoring

Cryolux Temptrip Bluetooth loggers are perfect for monitoring a facility( Warehouse, Store etc) just a few readers along with strategically placed tags easily cover store products in an entire facility. As a Bonus, Readers can also process temperature records from inbound and outbound deliveries to and from the facility.

Cryolux Temptrip Temperature Monitoring System

⁃ Making Data Useful

⁃ Accessibility to Data: Cryolux Temptrip enables access to temperature information wherever you are. Data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible without the need to be near the physical platform.

⁃ Reusability:  Cryolux Temptrip loggers are low cost and reusable. They have a 3-5 year battery life and can record over 12000 temperatures easily allowing 12 weeks of data to be stored if necessary.

⁃ Flexibility: Temptrip provides both non-integrated and fully integrated implementation options providing flexibility with quick and easy setup.

⁃ Readability: Temperatures can be read from up to 100m away, allowing easy readability without the need to open an item and jeopardize product safety. Data is read by using either an Android tablet or phone or temp trips industrial edge reader. Alerts are sent to key stakeholders at every decision point of the journey.

Compliance: Cryolux Temptrip Dataloggers temperature monitoring systems are 21CFR part 11 compliant.


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