Ice Packs

Sweat Proof Ice Packs for Shipping Food & Medicines

Sweatproof non-condensation icepacks have been the ice pack of choice for all Food and Medical Deliveries. These icepacks are made with a special absorption membrane that absorbs any water that is released during condensation. These ice packs are a DIY ice pack that can be activated by filling them with water under a Tap. These icepacks have a special

Bubble Back Gel packs | Antifreeze Ice packs

There are Many food grade and Medical grade icepacks in the market, these bubble back gel packs are specialised ice packs that are designed to keep the icepacks cold and release cold energy on one side. The other side has a bubble wrap and it minimises the cold released on that side which in turn can protect the payload from a freeze burn . These icepacks are also known as anti freeze icepacks

Dry Ice packs | Dry ice wraps

Most icepacks are Heavy and expensive to store and transport. Hence the dry ice packs were invented to ensure the icepack can be transported and stored very cost effectively . These Dry ice packs can be activated by simply soaking them under warm water for 10 minutes and a fully hydrated dry ice pack will be ready to freeze and use. These icepacks are also flexible when frozen and can be cut to size to suit the requirement.

Phase change gel brick

PCM Gel Bricks | Phase Change Gel Bricks

We also offer a range of Phase change gel bricks that are used for cold transport and can keep things at specific temperatures like -20 C Gel brick can keep things cold at -20C for a really long time , We offer a range of Phase change gel bricks like -10C Gel brick , -15 C Gel brick , -18C Gel brick , -25 Gel brick etc

Insulated Cooler bags

Whilst it's important to have the best performing ice packs to ensure your products are kept cold throughout the transit, Yes they are bulk to freight back and too expensive to throw away !!, Hence we have designed a high performance Insulated Cooler bags which can be a Flat pack !! Yes, which means you don't have to buy cheap eskies anymore and you can save money by reusing these high-performance cooler bags and freight them back for a fraction of the cost.

Insulated Vaccine Cooler Bag

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